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How to write xpath for span in selenium webdriver

Using the label to find the parent row element Find the desired child field of the row element The label can be located with the following XPath statement from Step 1: //span [text ()=’Username’] This XPath can then be modified to get to the parent row element. How To Write Dynamic XPath In Selenium WebDriver 1) Basic XPath: XPath expression select nodes or list of nodes on the basis of. 3. In some browsers (I think it was mainly MSIE) it is necessary to address the element, not its child in order to click a button or link. So you should adress: //a [span [text ()='Read More']] Or you go directly for LinkText ("Read More") instead of XPath! Share. answered Mar 4, 2016 at 15:40. The syntax for using the XPath contains () method is: //tag_name [contains (@attribute,'value_of_attribute')] where the contains () method accepts two parameters: The attribute of the tag which needs to validate for locating the web element. The Partial value of the attribute, which the attribute should contain. XPath in Selenium WebDriver Tutorial: How to Find XPath? How to select the text of a span on click in Selenium? How to Write Effective XPaths in Selenium with Examples? XPath in Selenium WebDriver Tutorial: How to Find XPath? We can select the text of a span on click with Selenium webdriver.

To identify the element with span tag, we have to first identify it with any of the locators like xpath, css, class name or tagname. After identification of the element, we can perform the click operation on it with the help of the click method. I have written code below but it display syntax error: WebElement errormsgfornewpass = driver.findElement(By.xpath("//span[@class='field-validation-error']//span[@class='NewPassword']")); String errnewmsg = errormsgfornewpass.getText(); System.out.println("errormsg->"+errnewmsg); 1. Do not write the xpath for the checkbox, because checkboxes might change its position. 2. Based on the text present in the Protractor field, we have to write the xpath 2.1 we have to find the common parent for Protractor and Checkbox 3. Xpath to find the protractor : //td[text()='Protractor'] 4. Now we should find the parent of Protractor element 5. The basic syntax for XPath is shown below: Syntax = //tagname[@attribute=’Value‘] Example = //img[@alt=’Onur Baskirt‘] You can also use class and src attributes to locate an element with XPath as shown above but always check that there is only one element has been found! Absolute XPath and Relative XPath in Selenium

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How to write xpath for span in selenium webdriver

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