I have always struggled to find a journal or a planner that met all of my needs, that was optimized for school, to track daily habits and weekly or daily to-dos, and that had space to document my thoughts, explorations, and more. Eventually, I realized the only way I would have a journal or planner that did what I needed it to do, I would have to design it myself. This led me to the wonderful world of bullet journaling, which is filled with individuals that craved a practical yet creative solution to this problem. It was in that that I discovered a new problem, designing and drawing and filing the journal of my dreams was too time-consuming for my already-busy life. This business was created to solve that problem for all of the busy people to whom regular planners and journals aren't fulfilling their needs. 

I am dedicated to building innovative, smart, and easy solutions to your everyday organization and reflection problems. At BUJO Besties, we guarantee that every single purchase you make will be a seamless process from start to finish. Take a look at our site and get in touch with questions, recommendations, or concerns. 

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